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OmniGeo conducts many research projects concerning the tourism industry. The development of internet technology in the past years allowed to use it also for the market research aims.

Our surveys are being conducted with a particular consideration of the tourism industry specifics. The conclusions of the surveys are based on a unique, large respondent sample thereby we obtain high quality data.

The information obtained in this way is used to improve the operation of the whole tourism industry. Through continuous research we are trying to know the trends and tourist preferences of Europeans.

Lately we have carried out the following research projects:
International Survey on Tourist Preferences 2015
Pan-European Survey on Tourists’ Satisfaction 2016
New trends in tourism of Europeans 2017
We are currently running a research project:
„Safe journey around Europe”:
Finances while travelling across Europe
Current project
About the project
It is the tenth, jubilee edition of OmniGeo surveys. Its main theme is travelling finance and respondents attitude to sensible money disposal. Do Europeans look for savings and use bargains? Do they know how to travel cheaper? Do they know the new travel possibilities resulting from among others technological development? In our survey we want to know the general state of knowledge of the respondents and their attitude to travel finances. The questionnaire is fully anonymous and available online only. It is necessary to collect minimum 100 000 unique opinions in order to make the survey credible. We invite you to fill in the questionnaire. START THE SURVEY
Aim of the survey
Analysis of gathered survey results shall allow us to summarise Europeans’ state of knowledge in regards to finance and diagnose possible weak points. All that shall contribute to enhancing awareness in regards to sensible money disposal while travelling and as a consequence further development of individual tourism. Gathered results shall allow us to prepare a report summarising gathered data in regards to finances while travelling across Europe. START THE SURVEY
Publication of results
The publication of the results will take place no later than 6 months from the day of closing the current edition of the survey. The report will be made available in electronic form to all the respondents taking part in the survey who expressed a wish to obtain it. START THE SURVEY
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