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General information
Redeeming the voucher is possible only during its validity period, in the facilities accepting the vouchers. The catalogue of available hotels may be found on OmniGeo websites. A Voucher holder may log in to the catalogue, to obtain full access to information pertaining to a hotel and the data necessary for booking hotel reservation. Before leaving for holiday, one should individually contact the hotel to agree on possible check-in and check-out dates, and make a reservation.
Plannning holidays
Planning holidays shall be aided by a multifunction search engine in the catalogue of holiday resorts. For that purpose, log in to the Catalogue of Hotels and select a desired holiday resort. The Voucher must be utilized during the honoring periods, identified on the website of each facility in OmniGeo Catalogue of Hotels. The Voucher has an expiry date, which is printed in a specially dedicated area. Holidays should be planned prior to that date.
Reservation booking
Reservation booking should be done individually. It may be done via e-mail or telephone call to a selected facility. When contacting a hotel, one should remember to specify the payment method – in this case, it is a hotel cheque. It is also essential to confirm the applicable catering fees published on the webpages of the catalogue. This is the only accommodation cost incurred by a Voucher holder. In some cases, charged is a small, one-time visitors' tax, which applies to all visitors staying in the same location. If you plan holidays with children, arrange the terms of their stay directly with the hotel.
Stay at a hotel
The Voucher holder is obliged to present the voucher upon the arrival at the hotel, and then to cover the catering fee for the entire period of the arranged stay. Please note that the voucher entitles to free of charge accommodation at the hotel. You are responsible for planning and making the travel arrangments.
Current project
About the project
It is the tenth, jubilee edition of OmniGeo surveys. Its main theme is travelling finance and respondents attitude to sensible money disposal. Do Europeans look for savings and use bargains? Do they know how to travel cheaper? Do they know the new travel possibilities resulting from among others technological development? In our survey we want to know the general state of knowledge of the respondents and their attitude to travel finances. The questionnaire is fully anonymous and available online only. It is necessary to collect minimum 100 000 unique opinions in order to make the survey credible. We invite you to fill in the questionnaire. START THE SURVEY
Aim of the survey
Analysis of gathered survey results shall allow us to summarise Europeans’ state of knowledge in regards to finance and diagnose possible weak points. All that shall contribute to enhancing awareness in regards to sensible money disposal while travelling and as a consequence further development of individual tourism. Gathered results shall allow us to prepare a report summarising gathered data in regards to finances while travelling across Europe. START THE SURVEY
Publication of results
The publication of the results will take place no later than 6 months from the day of closing the current edition of the survey. The report will be made available in electronic form to all the respondents taking part in the survey who expressed a wish to obtain it. START THE SURVEY
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