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About the project
The 9th edition of OmniGeo surveys in front of us. This time we will focus on travel safety. Our aim is to verify whether Europeans are ready for any travel crisis situations. Are they able to prevent accidents which may spoil the most pleasant holidays? In our survey we want to recognize the general knowledge and attitude to the travel safety of our respondents. The survey is anonymous and available online only. To make the survey reliable it is necessary to collect minimum 100 000 of subjective opinions. We invite you to take part in the survey. START THE SURVEY
Aim of the survey
The analysis of gathered results will allow us to summarise the knowledge on the safety issues of the Europeans and also diagnose possible weak points. All that will contribute to raising awareness of safety travel and further development of individual tourism. Collected results additionally will allow us to prepare a report summarising the gathered information on safe travelling among the Europeans. START THE SURVEY
Publication of results
The publication of the results will take place no later than 6 months from the day of closing the current edition of the survey. The report will be made available in electronic form to all the respondents taking part in the survey who expressed a wish to obtain it. START THE SURVEY
in Polish survey participated:
this year:
213 042
this month:
11 197
this day:
updated every 15 minutes
Voucher for respondents
Participants taking part in the survey will have a unique chance to use a tourist voucher. It entitles to 10 (5+5) overnight stays in one of the hotels taking part in the programme. There is a wide choice of hotels as the catalogue consist of 1000 European facilities!
The most often chosen places:
seas - 36%
mountains - 24%
interesting cities - 19%
lakes - 15%
countryside - 6%
An ideal time of the year for holidays?
summer - 59%
winter - 21%
fall - 12%
spring - 8%
62% of women plan their holidays at least one year earlier
The most often chosen facilities:



private accommodation




guest houses





Holiday destinations depend on:
opinions about the place - 64%
price - 26%
localisation - 11%
Winter holidays in the mountains?

YES - 52%

NO - 48%
Summer holidays at the sea?

YES - 60%

NO - 40%
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